New Students

Welcome to the Class of 2026! We’re so excited to welcome you to campus and we hope you’re just as excited to join us at Penn! Here you can find all of the important resources and things you need to do so you can be prepared for New Student Orientation this year.

Before You Arrive

First, check the Before You Arrive tab, and make sure you’ve completed all actions in the Penn10! These will help to get you started on the right track.

Click here to access the Before You Arrive tab and the Penn10!

Thrive at Penn (TAP)

As of August 1, Thrive at Penn (TAP) has been released on your Canvas site. This program will take you step-by-step to learn more about how to be safe at Penn and teach you how to make healthy choices for you and others.

Phase One, which was released on August 1, is expected to be completed by August 19. Phase 2 will be released on August 22, and should be completed by August 29. Phase 3 will be released on August 30, and is expected to be completed by September 2.

Click here to go to the Class of 2026 TAP Canvas page!

New Student Orientation and the First-Year Experience

Beginning on Wednesday, August 24 and concluding on Monday, August 29, New Student Orientation will acclimate new students into the Penn community and its resources. During Orientation week, incoming students will be able to learn about the academic, social, cultural, and professional resources available to the student body, while meeting their fellow classmates. Specific programs directed towards specific populations will also help each group of students see their unique orientation needs met. By the end of Orientation, incoming students will be able to feel confident about finding more people, resources, and organization at Penn they can connect to. 

The First-Year Experience program will occur throughout the year to continue to help first-year students acclimate to the Penn community.

Check back here for more information, as well as the First-Year Students page, the First-Year Experience page, and the Event calendar. Make sure to sort by first-year events!


On Saturday, August 27, first-year students will be able to attend first-year specific preceptorials! These are lectures on specific topics led by Penn faculty and teaching staff which introduce students to the intellectual and cultural resources of the University.

Check out the Preceptorials page to find which are of interest to you! Make sure to sort by first-year preceptorials!

PennTracks Tours

PennTracks Tours are free guided tours led by our PHINS student leaders throughout the city of Philadelphia that will be available for second-year students on Monday, August 29. These tours can take you on a Food Truck tour, a Stadium District tour, and so many more places in the area surrounding Penn!

Click here for more information on PennTracks Tours!


Penn has a wide assortment of resources to offer its student body. From Campus Express to the Penn Parents page, there are many organizations and sites that can help to enrich your time here.

Click here for a list of some of Penn’s amazing resources!

Penn Mentor Meals Program

Starting in early October 2022, all members of the Penn community can initiate a meal between students and current or past professors, teaching assistants, advisors, RAs, PHINS, and members of Penn’s professional staff who serve as mentors to a free lunch or dinner at Lauder Dining Café.

More information will be available soon at the Penn Mentor Meals Program page!

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