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Dear Class of 2028, Penn looks forward to welcoming you in August 2024, during the New Student Orientation (NSO) – and we expect you’ll have a busy and enjoyable summer! Penn10 is a comprehensive list of 10 things incoming students should do to be prepared for their time at Penn.

By taking these ten key actions you’ll be on top of everything you need to start your Penn experience.

* The information will be updated in the spring, please check back in June for more.

1. Health Check-In

Wellness at Penn is here to care for and support you during your academic journey. To ensure the health and safety of all students, the University requires all full- and part-time students to have adequate health insurance and remain up-to-date on their immunizations. Once you have your PennKey, all full- and part-time students must complete their immunization and other health information requirements and enroll or waive in health insurance. Visit our New and Incoming Students page to review these requirements and download the necessary documentation.

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2. PennKey Setup

In May, you should have been emailed a Setup Code to create your PennKey. This ID and password will be your gateway to everything you’ll need as an incoming Penn student and should be set up as soon as the service becomes available.

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3. Protect Your Privacy

Complete the tasks outlined on the Student Registration and Financial Services Must-Do List to confirm your privacy settings for various student records. You may wish to give access to family members or others to pay your bill or speak to staff about your financial aid or academic records.

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4. Campus Express

Once you have your PennKey, you can log on to Campus Express, which offers one-stop shopping for many Penn services, including your PennCard, Penn email, viewing your Housing assignment, choosing a Dining plan, ordering books and computers, and registering your property. Time spent over the summer on Campus Express will save you time and running around when you arrive!

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5. Academic Advising

The advising process differs among the four undergraduate schools, so it’s important that you know the requirements of your school. All students will be hearing from their home school about next steps for academic advising and Advance Registration for the fall. College students cannot register until they’ve had a conversation with their academic advisors. Additional information for The College, Engineering, Nursing, and Wharton can be found on their websites.

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6. Advance Registration for Courses

There is a four-week window for advance registration for incoming Penn students in all four schools. Make sure you are ready for this and have completed any required consultations with your academic advisor.

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7. Thrive At Penn (TAP) Modules

In addition to Campus Express, Thrive at Penn (TAP) will help you begin the orientation process during the summer, with an online program that introduces you to academic life, helps you find important resources, and keeps you healthy and happy. This will be completed through Canvas.

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8. NSO Website

Make sure to check back here at the New Student Orientation website for up-to-date information and a detailed calendar of NSO events. Please email NSO staff to answer your questions about orientation.

Learn More about 8. NSO Website

9. Pre-Orientation Programs

Penn offers six programs for incoming students in advance of New Student Orientation. Each program offers incoming new students opportunities to learn, engage with upperclass student leaders, make lasting friendships within their class, and have FUN!

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10. The First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience (FYE) program consists of events run by Penn students and administration that are designed to assist personal success in college. These events also provide first-year students with practical knowledge and wisdom to jumpstart their college career.

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