PennTracks Tours are free guided tours led by our PHINS student leaders throughout the city of Philadelphia for our first-year students and second-year students. Look through all the different tours offered below.

Street View of the Kimmel Center

Avenue of the Arts

Philadelphia has been a cultural mecca for over two hundred years. Great theatre, ballet, opera, and music abound in this city, and the Avenue of the Arts is Philadelphia’s cultural artery. This tour takes you into and around the city’s premiere theaters and arts venues. (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Kimmel Center for Performing Arts (Photo by Jason Paris | CC 2.0)

Elfreth's Alley

Old City

This tour follows the footsteps of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, all of whom lived in Philadelphia while laying the groundwork for a new nation. But you will see more than Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. This tour also visits 18th-century churches, 19th-century factories that became 20th-century apartments and art galleries, and the hippest restaurants in the city. (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Elfreth’s Alley (Photo by Kjetil Ree | CC-SA 2.0)

Italian Market Vendor Fronts from the Street View

Italian Market

Philadelphia has been a cultural mecca for over two hundred years. Great theatre, ballet, opera, and music abound in this city, and the Avenue of the Arts is Philadelphia’s cultural artery. This tour takes you into and around the city’s premiere theaters and arts venues. (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Italian Market (Photo by Peter Miller | CC BY NC ND 2.0)

Rittenhouse Square Courtyard

Rittenhouse Square

This tour will take you through the Victorian neighborhoods that surround Rittenhouse Square and past some of the finest shopping and dining in the city. Along the way, you will see the lush, green park, sites from movies, many old churches, and modern high-rise residences. (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Rittenhouse Square (Photo by Jeffrey Vincour | CC ASA 3.0)

Inside of Macy's in Center City overlooking the famous Wanamaker Organ inside

Midtown Village

“Midtown Village” has come to be the popularly recognized name for an area between the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers, particularly delineated by Market and Street to the north, South Street to the south, Broad Street to the west, and 10th Street to the east. Here, you’ll find some of Philadelphia’s best and most popular restaurants and shops, as well as museums, theaters, and more. (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Grand Court of Macy’s Center City (Photo by difference engine CC ASA 4.0 International)

Street View of Geno's Cheesesteak Restaurant

South Philly

This tour will take you into the heart of South Philly and its largely Italian neighborhoods. You will travel through the famous Italian Market, home of cheesesteaks and Rocky Balboa, and up and down the eclectic and energetic South Street. Along the way, you will find some of the best cheesesteaks, water ice, seafood, pizza, and cookies in the city, so come hungry! (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Geno’s Cheesesteak Restaurant

Chinatown Entrance Way


This tour takes you through the Asian cultural center of Philadelphia. Chinatown offers a variety of amazing cuisines including Japanese, Thai, Cambodian, Burmese, Laotian, Malaysian, and Vietnamese. Churches, temples, artwork, and a concert hall are also highlights. (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Chinatown (Photo by Mobilus in Mobili | CC SA 2.0)

Secret Book Mural in Philadelphia

The Mural Mile

Philadelphia is the world’s largest outdoor art gallery – the city is home to more than 3,600 murals. In 1984, Mural Arts Philadelphia was founded to help eradicate graffiti and has since blossomed into a massive, city-wide project. Explore a small fraction of the murals Philadelphia has to offer on this combination of the two Mural Mile tours. Be prepared to walk! (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Secret Book Mural (Photo by Regan Vercruysse | CC BY ND NC 2.0)

Belmont Plateau in fairmount overlooking the Philadelphia skyline

Fairmount Park

Come see Philadelphia’s largest park, which hosts historical monuments, sculptures, several museums, walking trails, and city-line views. Lots of Penn students come here to host socials, hang out, or go to one of the many attractions. (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Belmont Plateau (Photo by Frederikto | CC ASA 3.0)

Well Fargo center in the Stadium District

Stadium District & Southeast Asian Market

This tour shows off Philadelphia’s famous stadium district where all of the professional athletic stadiums are located. Come see where all of the events, concerts, and games typically take place within Philadelphia. The tour will end in the Southeast Asian market in FDR park, which is one of Philadelphia’s greatest cultural landmarks. Students will be able to explore the market and enjoy the food and atmosphere before returning back to campus (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Wells Fargo Center (Photo by Wally Gobetz | CC BY ND NC 2.0)

Morris Arboretum Gardens

Morris Arboretum & Gardens

Morris Arboretum & Gardens is Penn’s own Arboretum located in Chestnut Hill. It hosts over 92 acres of gardens and hosts tours throughout the day. The arboretum offers events throughout the year that students can attend. Students will be picked up by a bus to go to Morris. (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Morris Arboretum (Photo by Peter Miller | CC ND NC 2.0)

Food Trucks in University City

Food Trucks

Walk around Penn and Drexel’s Campus and see all of the different food trucks that have become favorites of University City. Then take the options you have learned on the tour and use them throughout the semester when you want a quick budget-friendly lunch. (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Food Trucks in University City

University City

University City includes Drexel University, Saint Joseph’s University, and Penn. University City is unique in that its largest residents are stakeholders of the Universities in the area. Take the time to explore the businesses and activities in the area! Get to know our neighboring universities as well and explore their campuses! (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: Drexel’s University City Campus (Photo by Tony Hopkins | CC ASA 4.0 International)

West Philly

The University of Pennsylvania is lucky to call West Philadelphia home. The area is rich in culture, food, and activities. This tour opens the door to just a small sample of what West Philadelphia has to offer. In your time here at Penn explore what makes West Philadelphia so great! (First- and Second-Year Tour)

Picture: 4500 Baltimore Avenue (Photo by studio34 from Philadelphia | CC SA 2.0)