NSOAI Internship Program

What is the Internship Program?

The NSOAI Internship Program prepares Penn students with essential skills that are transferable to any workplace. All NSOAI Interns will be responsible for a variety of projects from the planning process through the execution phase.

Some responsibilities include collaborating and building relationships with faculty and University staff, customer service, identifying areas of improvement, researching and recommending solutions, and more. Interns will work as a team to make New Student Orientation happen, while each taking on their own independent projects. There are 3 intern track options: Communications, PHINS, and Event Planning.

What are the benefits to be an intern at at the NSOAI office?

  • Paid Hourly ($16/hr) + Overtime (1.5x)
  • Free lunches throughout the summer
  • Free early move-in to Penn College Houses on Saturday, August 12, 2023
  • Free meals during NSO
  • PHINS/Penn merch
  • Leadership skills & professional experience

NSOAI will be hiring new groups of interns for NSO 2024, more information to come in earlier 2024!