Signature Events

Below are some of Penn’s most unique events that every new Quaker should attend. They include many opportunities to learn more about Penn, discover new resources, and meet your fellow classmates!

Students lined up to enter the Highball to Hey Day Carnival

Highball to Hey Day

Penn Traditions wants to introduce every first-year student to all the fantastic events that will occur throughout their time at Penn through the Highball to Hey Day Carnival. Win prizes, learn about each tradition like Hey Day for Juniors and toast throwing at football games, eat food, and play games. Here, you can experience the first tradition that occurs- signing your class banner that will be used for years to come and reappear at your graduation! And don’t forget to grab your class pennant to hang up in your dorm room!

Student on the steps of the Philadelphia Art museum

An Evening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Join your classmates for a fun and inspiring evening at one of the world’s greatest art museums. Adventure through collections of Asian, European, American, and Contemporary art. Enjoy festive food (Kosher and Halal options available) while taking in a spectacular view of the Philadelphia skyline and tackling the famous Rocky Steps.

Student riding a mechanical bull in a ring with the pattern of the American Flag in the Hall of Flag room with students watching.

Late Night Activities Fair

Open to all new students, our 3 day Late Night Activities Fair is designed to expose new members of the Penn community to the wide range of student groups at Penn, as well as provide a festive end to a busy day! The Late Night Activities Fair will run from 11pm-1am on Friday, August 26, Saturday, August 27, and Sunday, August 28. Grab a friend and attend any or all nights of the Late Night Activities Fair! 

For Student Group Representatives: Registration for student groups is now open. Please contact with any questions or if you would like to register.  

Students on Franklin Field spelling out the year 2025.

Class Photo

The Class Photo is a perfect way to grab dinner with friends and meet some more of your fellow classmates! New students will take their class photo, by spelling your class year on Franklin Field, a tradition that has existed for many years and represents your unity as the Class of 2026!

Hub@Penn Expo

The Hub@Penn Expo will be located at Houston Hall from 10am-3pm on Tuesday, August 23 and Wednesday, August 24. Here, you will be able to learn about the various resources and institutions at Penn. This event is open to families, with a Penn Parent Info Station available in the Reading Room at Houston Hall.

five people on a red and blue picnic blanket on college green with different groups in the background.

Penn Families
Welcome Picnic

Enjoy a lunch to welcome Penn students and families along with members of the Penn Community. New President Liz Magill will be speaking to kick off this academic year!